Drop-Catch Your Own Premium Pending Delete Domains

SECURINAME's proven & affordable, server-based, multi-registrar API drop-catching solution

  • WHOIS Lookup Module

    WHOIS Lookup Module

    Instantly check a domain for backorders, directory listings, traffic data, backlinks, authority info, history, pagerank and more.

  • Queue Unlimited Domains

    Queue Unlimited Domains

    Automated one-click creation of server-side cpanel cron jobs. Substitute javascript launcher for Windows servers & shared hosts.

  • Real-Time Availability Determination

    Real-Time Availability Determination

    Proprietary functionality allows for direct connection to central WHOIS registry to facilitate unthrottled, high-speed WHOIS polling.

  • Domaining Widget Panel

    Domaining Widget Panel

    In-application dynamic and customizable widget bar contains every-day tools used by domainers in a central location.

  • Notifications and Alerts

    Notifications and Alerts

    Receive beautiful HTML emails in your inbox whenever Securiname launches and finishes... with a complete activity report. For missed names, Securiname tracks and reports winner.

  • Auto-Launch Convenience

    Auto-Launch Convenience

    Don't waste time waiting around - pick an exact time and date for the drop-catcher to launch up to 5 days in advance.


A Must-Have Domaining Utility

Check out some of these other features in case you aren't already convinced SECURINAME is the best drop-catching value on the market:

  • Audio and visual notifications and alarms when dropcatching begins, when a domain is caught or lost, or on critical errors.
  • Native support for registrar APIs includes: Dynadot, NameSilo, NameCheap, Fabulous, and just about all other registries supporting REST-based API calls.
  • Ajax verification of registrar credentials and checking of available balance through Registrar APIs
  • WHOIS Module gives you exact deletion dates domains and automatically checks for existing backorders at Snap/Namejet.
  • Pending Delete Lists Available through the in-app widget panel where you will also find a daily listing of all deleting DMOZ and Pagerank or higher domains.

When drop-catching expired domains, every millisecond counts.

Order Securiname today for less than the price of a single backorder elsewhere and never pay to backorder a domain again!